How much baggage can I take on the aircraft?


All Passengers (excluding Infants) are permitted to take up to 7kg of Carry-On Baggage on board.

Two Pieces
Small bag
Or briefcase.
48cm long x 34cm wide x 23cm deep

Total linear dimensions; 105cm
Total weight: 7kg

One small bag
Plus suit pack or Garment bag.
Total weight: 7kg
Suit-pack linear dimensions: 185cm
114cm long x 60cm wide x 11cm deep

Bag linear dimensions: 105cm
48cm long x 34cm wide x 23cm deep


Laptops are not to be checked-in, unless requested by the passenger, to avoid damage that may be sustained to laptops in the hold.

You will also be asked if your carry-on baggage contains any sharp objects or cutting instruments. Sharp items not only include knives and forks, but also everyday articles such as scissors. This is the time to remove such items and place them in your checked baggage.


Your checked baggage allowance depends on the fare you purchased.
Please refer table below for your allowance and excess charges.
The maximum weight of any checked baggage is 32kg.

Cabin BaggageExcess Charge
(Inclusive GST)
JetSaleL$10.00 / Kilo
JetLiteP$10.00 / Kilo
JetSaverM$10.00 / Kilo
JetFlexY$10.00 / Kilo
Promo FaresVaries$10.00 / Kilo

What will I be charged for excess baggage?


Baggage in excess of your limits of your fare, will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per kilogram. (Inclusive GST).


Adults accompanying infants are entitled to carry infant special items as checked baggage free of charge on JETGO, irrespective of their combined weight. These items include, but are not restricted to the following:

    • Pram/stroller
    • Portable cot
    • Car seat
    • Baby capsule

If the adult does not have a baggage allowance (i.e. Promo Airfare) the above items can still be checked in free of charge. Other infant items, such as clothing and toys, form part of the adult’s baggage allowance.


Wheelchairs/mobility aids are carried free of charge when required for personal use by guests who are travelling.

What time do I need to check-in at the airport?

We recommend that all passengers be checked-in 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Check-in will open 90 minutes before departure and close strictly 45 minutes before departure.

Do I need a ticket?

No. JETGO is an e-Ticket airline, and a copy of your e-Ticket number will be displayed on your itinerary that is emailed to you. Please bring a copy of your itinerary with you to the airport, along with your photo ID.

Can I travel while pregnant?

You can travel up until 28 weeks term where the pregnancy is uncomplicated. After 28 weeks you will need to carry a letter from your doctor to state you are fit to travel. Pregnant passengers are unable to travel once reaching 36 weeks. Passengers are encouraged to counsel their doctors before travel, particularly when there is a complicated pregnancy.

Can my child travel?

Infants (not yet two years of age) can travel when nursed by a parent / guardian over the age of 15. One parent / guardian must accompany each infant.

JETGO can carry three nursed infants per flight only.

If travelling with a nursed infant, you may either book online or with our Reservations Team prior to departure.

Travel cannot be guaranteed if you arrive at the airport with an infant that is not already booked on the flight.

Can pets fly on your aircraft?

At this stage JETGO are unable to accept pets/animals on our aircraft.

Do you transport freight?

No. Only passenger checked baggage is able to be carried.

Minimum Connection/Transfer Times To Other Airlines

JETGO offers point to point travel. When you check-in with JETGO your bag will be tagged to your final JETGO destination.

How does this affect me if I have an onward flight booking with another airline?

JETGO does not have check-in or baggage interline agreements with other airlines. You are required to collect your baggage, and check-in with your next airline/carrier to your onward destination. For Domestic Flights check-in and baggage acceptance closes 30 minutes before departure, and Internationally 1 hour before departure.

This is a guide only, and JETGO accepts no responsibility for any onward bookings with another airline/carrier.

JETGO endeavours to operate to our published schedule, however we reserve the right to change our schedule at any time. There will be no compensation provided resulting from a schedule change or operational delay.

We recommend the following minimum connection/transfer times.

Brisbane (BNE)
Domestic – 1 hr 30 min
International – 3 hrs

Gold Coast (OOL)
Domestic – 1hr 30 min
International – 2hr

Rockhampton (ROK)
Domestic – 1 hr 30 min

Townsville (TSV)
Domestic – 1 hr 30 min
International – 2 hrs 30 min

Essendon (MEB)
Domestic connection to Essendon (MEB) – 1 hr

Essendon to Tullamarine (MEL)
Domestic connection from Tullamarine (MEL) – 2 hrs
International connection from Tullamarine (MEL) – 3 hrs