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The following information may assist passengers travelling with, or requiring the assistance of, mobility aids

wheelchairMobility Aids and Wheelchairs

JETGO Australia operates relatively small aircraft without room for mobility devices in the cabin, nor sufficient cabin height to allow safe manual lifting. As such, it is not required to be accessible to all disabled passengers. JETGO Australia is committed to providing access but for safety reasons there are limitations:
JETGO Australia requires all passengers to be able to embark and disembark the aircraft with minimal assistance.

Passengers must be able to walk up and down the aircraft entry stairs although staff may assist with a support to the passengers arm to aid balance.

You may surrender your mobility aid at check-in or at the departure gate where appropriate assistance will be provided you, however you will still be required to be able to use the aircraft stairs with minimal assistance.

One (1) Mobility Aid per person will be carried free of charge, provided it is for the passenger's personal use. If you have two or more Mobility Aids, you will be charged excess baggage for these additional Mobility Aids if your general baggage allowance is exceeded.

Note: Whilst all reasonable care will be taken, you remain responsible for obtaining insurance in relation to the carriage of your mobility aid.

Walking Canes, Crutches and Walking Frames

Walking canes, crutches and walking frames may be carried and used to enter the aircraft cabin, and then given to a crew member for storage at the rear of the aircraft.