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Your privacy is important to JETGO Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (JETGO) and associated companies. In the process of registering your interest in the provision of services by JETGO, we will collect personal information about you. Our primary purpose in collecting personal information from you is to enable us to provide services to you. We need this information for the purposes listed below and if you choose not to provide the information requested, we may not be able to provide services to your or notify you of events or activities.

This information may be used for related purposes, such as:

  • To assist in providing services to you;
  • To assist with any calls you make to us;
  • For any purpose made known to you at the time of collection of your personal information;
  • For our internal administrative, marketing and planning requirements; and
  • In collection with any applicable laws.

We usually disclose information of this kind to:

  • Issuers; or
  • Anyone you have authorised.

Under the Australian Privacy Principles, you may access personal information about you held by JETGO and you may contact us on +61 7 3622 6500 or if you think any of the information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

There are some limited situations, which are set out in the National Privacy Principles, where you will not have this right.