Learn about the JETGO fleet, including the benefits when you fly with JETGO Australia.

Need for Speed

Our aircraft are faster and more reliable with a cruise speed of 820 kph ensuring your people spend less time travelling which means more productivity and less fatigue.

For example to travel from Brisbane to Mount Isa (1,800 km by road) only takes 2 hours in our ERJ compared with 3.5 hours in a similar size turboprop aircraft or 20 hours by car or bus.

Comfort Class

Our JETGO fleet of ERJs offer a superior level of comfort over any comparable size aircraft. We provide an extremely quiet cabin (because of the aft mounted high bypass Rolls Royce engines), a seat pitch of 31 inches (the same as economy class seating on most international airlines and 10% greater than the 28 inches on most budget airlines), and a normal smooth cruising altitude of 37,000 feet above the weather and turbulence.

Direct Approach

With its outstanding 2,500 kilometre range (plus reserves) our aircraft can go direct to more places than other similar size aircraft.

JETGO Fleet - Direct routes

More Runways

We can take you to far more places than any other comparable sized jet aircraft.

Our ERJs can use shorter runways of only 1,700m without restriction (1,400m at reduced temperature or weight).

We can also use runways only 30m wide (23m with certain limitations) that are too narrow for most other commercial jet aircraft.

Orange is the New Green

Our  ERJs have the smallest environmental foot print in class.

The lowest fuel consumption and carbon emissions due to extremely efficient high by-pass Rolls Royce turbofan engines and an advanced very low drag airframe.

Our ERJs are so quiet that they are the only commercial jet aircraft permitted to operate into Sydney Airport during the curfew period.

Fast Facts – ERJ135LR

  • CREW: 2 pilots + 1 cabin crew
  • SEATING: 36 passengers
  • LUGGAGE: 1,000 kg
  • SEAT PITCH: 31” (78.7 cm)
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 1.82 m
  • ENGINES: 2 X Rolls Royce AE 3007-A1/3 engines @ 7,426 lb (34 kN) thrust
  • MAX WEIGHT: 20,000 kg
  • CEILING: 37,000 ft
  • RANGE: 2,500 km + reserves
  • NORMAL SPEED: 820 kph (Mach .78)
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 5,136 kg (6,396 lt)
  • FUEL CONS: .040 litres/seat/kilometre
JETGO Fleet - Aircraft seating